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    Longhorns (2011, USA, David Lewis) travels back to Texas, 1982, where the world is ruled by big hair, synth-pop and cowboy boots. Kevin (Jacob Newton) is a straight, frat-boy who enjoys bonding with his fellow schoolmates; besides, it-s all about helping a buddy out, right? When he encounters Cesar (Derek Villanueva) an openly gay student, Kevin-s heart starts to flutter for the young man, setting off a chain of events where sexual identity comes into question and a weekend fueled by beers, straight porn and sexual frustration will lead to multiple bed-hopping and questions about which side of the fence some of these -longhorns- sit on! The film also stars Dylan Vox (Titanic 2, -The Lair-), Kevin Held, Stephen Matzke (Go Go Reject), Bonnie Marion, Katrina Sherwood and Sophia Revelli.moreless
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    The setting is a Texas college circa 1982 where big hair, loud shirts and cowboy boots are considered high fashion. Here, men are men, women are just future wives and there is nothing gay about helping a guy out! Good ol' fratboy Kevin is straight as an arrow (if you don't count his gay fantasies when intertwined with his girlfriend), but he begins to see things a little queerly when he meets the sexy and together and openly gay César. Can a straight guy fall for another dude? And can Kevin continue going down on his old pal (Dylan Vox) under the belief that it is just fratboy hijinks? And will kissing César change him forever? Never has a film featured so many straight men doing so many gay things as beer is guzzled, pants are dropped and playful bed-hopping ensues. Fast, fun and sexy - what more could you want from a film?moreless
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    True romance and Eighties-styled comic raunch meet "cute" as a Texas college boy realizes that maybe all his man-on-man fantasies and falling for the only openly gay student on campus - means he just might be queer.moreless