Lord of the Flies

MGM Released 1963


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Lord of the Flies is a 1990 American film adaptation of the revered classic novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding. The film is about a plane full of military school cadets that crash lands in the ocean just off shore of a deserted tropical island. Most of the boys and the pilot of the plain (Michael Greene) survive the crash and make it to shore. The pilot is clinging to life and delirious leaving the boys to fin a way to survive. Ralph (Balthazar Getty) and Jack (Chris Furrh) emerge as the two senior leaders of the cadets. Using their age and the power of a conch shell, they appoint themselves in charge, but the tension between the boys grows quickly. Ralph believes they will be rescued and pushes for order and constructive plans for escape while Jack doesn't think anyone is coming for them and so they should all cut loose and assimilate into savage island lifestyle. The boys split into two groups over their differences when the pilot is killed by accident on a hunting mission. The two groups grow fierce anger towards one another and result to violence to squash it, but as time goes on more and more boys decide to side with Jack and his wild group of hunters. When Ralph becomes the only sane one left, Jack and his clan try to flush him out by burning down the jungle. While fleeing to the beach, Ralph runs into a Marine Corps Officer (Bob Peck) and the boys are all rescued. The film is a frightening glimpse into the realities of losing all hope and turning to your primal self.moreless
  • Little Boys With No Toys Except Each Other

    The two versions, both in cinema one removed by he Morality police are quite graphic when it comes to the text and imagination of war. What war does to the human psyche. Before the day of the 'Jesus' and Mohamed' Police, One producer/director combination put together in true Garden of Eden style with no apples OR POMEGRANATES the foolish behavior of British boys on a lark on an Island after a crash when the war between the then . and Germany/Japan began. In a mysterious almost Biblical fascination the boys kill the Hebrew, run around without clothing (original version) and one young pedophile 'spanks' the younger boys and gets hot sexually before society wants him to get hot sexually but hey, the pilot, a real dead head and a pig head with flies on it sends all the necessary psychic messages needed for the viewers reaction. It comes as a book too. But, get on the Fed's list by checking it out of the library.moreless

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fight for survival, isolation from society, no parental guidance, fat kids, issues with authority