Lord of the Rings

Released 1978


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  • A million times better than Fritz the Cat

    Ralph Bakshi's animated interpertation of the classic JRR Tolkien epic is an okay movie. I say okay because it has the same problem as The Last Airbender: cramming so much substance into one movie. There are an infamous number of scenes and characters that were cut from the source material, and what's worse is that it ended on a cliffhanger, as if the film was going to complete the story in a sequel. That didn't happen (until Rainkin/Bass stepped in unofficially) because the characters were really bland; they offer nothing to like but at the same time nothing to hate either. With that said, what this film lacks in characters it makes up for in the animation department. Using rotoscope (2D motion capture) technology, the characters designs look really human at times and the action is executed very well. Had this film had any memorable characters, this could be worth recommending; but alas, this is only worth checking out if you're a Ralph Bakshi fan. To address the white elephant in the room, this is clearly inferior to the Peter Jackson trilogy in every way, shape and form. But hey, at least it's not a mind fuck like Fritz the Cat.

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