Love & Distrust

Released 2010


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Love & Distrust

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  • This movie consist of five different stories, all of them starring some bigger names

    This movie consist of five different stories, all of them starring some bigger names (I was really looking forward to the stories with Sam Worthington and Robert Downey .

    I'm not sure where exactly the title of this film came from, because there wasn't a whole lot of love in there. Not the kind of love that you could have expected, anyway.

    Two out of five stories I enjoyed, and two of them made very little sense.

    "The Summer House", starring Robert Pattinson (of whom we barely saw during this short film, to be honest - and I'm glad for that since I can't stand him!) and Talulah Riley. While the mankind prepares to set their foot on the Moon for the very first time, a celebration for the occasion goes on far below on Earth, in France. I'm not sure exactly what is going on there otherwise; we are first introduced to Jane, who apparently has some sort of problem with someone. That appears to be Richard, her ex-boyfriend, who ran off with another girl but is apparently wanting her back. The plot - was there one? - was very hard to follow, with all those secondary characters trying to create their other stories within the already small space. The acting was okay for the most part, although Pattinson as Richard was just... empty, hollow, cold and unconvincing.

    "Blue Poles", starring Sam Worthington, was my second favorite little film in this collection. It tells of two strangers traveling by car - Libby and Miles - who sort of fall for each other. Libby is... becoming a hippie, I think, although not doing very well. She doesn't really believe in love, while the farm-boy Miles tries to convince her that her thinking is wrong. The storytelling in this one was a bit jumpy too, but the little scenes fit together nicely.

    "Grasshopper" starred James Franco, telling of a businessman who has to take the train when bad weather cancels the flights. He sees a woman on the train whom he doesn't fully approve of, but has to turn to her for help when he leaves his phone on the train. This starts a chain-reaction of events where he actually grows closer to her - only that is not enough to stop the tragic end of this little story. This was actually my favorite of these little films.

    starring Amy Adams, is a chaotic, strange, psychedelic experience. It doesn't make sense, although at the very end lies the answer to everything, but that doesn't make up for the otherwise mindless ride of characters who just don't make any sense at all.

    "Auto Motives", starring Robert Downey Jr. (among others), was a big disappointment. It viewed moments in people's lives, all of them pretty random and hard to follow or understand. One of them follows a man who tries to get a woman - any woman - to accept a ride in his fancy car. Another story shows us an old woman whose husband left her for a younger woman. The funniest is a scene with two robbers who don't get very far from their crime scene. The part with RDJ made little sense, but it would seem he and this other guy are working for James Cameron and take it to their own hands to make their fortune. Even RDJ shirtless doesn't save this one.moreless

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