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Love Me or Leave Me

Released 2010


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Movie: Love Me or Leave Me


Movie Summary

LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME combines hilarious comedy, true-to-life drama and rousing song that underscore the play’s themes of responsibility and forgiveness. Cynthia Wyatt (Angela Evans) is a troubled teen who abandons her fraternal twin infants, leaving her mother (Shirley Murdock) to raise the children. Now, 20 years later, one of the twins (Elise Neal) is an attorney set to marry the man of her dreams (Christian Keyes); the other (Carl Payne) is an unemployed man-child. Both have issues. When Cynthia returns out of the blue, hoping to reclaim her place in their lives, no one is spared the soul-searching that ensues.moreless
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Comedy, Drama


Sydney Australia, Dramedy