Mail Order Bride

Released 2003


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Movie: Mail Order Bride


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When Toni discovers several of his men have been scammed by a Russian mail-order bride who's escaped back to Russia, he decides to send his troublesome nephew, Anthony Santini to bring back the girl and the money. Only, Anthony Santini can't seem to get the mob thing right. So Anthony is partnered with Ivan, son of the #1 Mob boss in Russia to find Nina and bring her to mob justice. But while Anthony thinks he's gaining the Family's respect by finding the runaway bride, his Uncle Toni is setting odds and taking bets on his Nephew's return. In the meantime, Anthony's stupidity puts him on the run from the KGB, the Russian Mob, and the FBI. It is only when he makes it back to New York, that Anthony turns the tables to everyone's surprise.moreless
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