Man of Steel

Warner Bros. Released 2013





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  • Disappointing

    Nobody wanted to love this film more than me, but all it took was one viewing to crush any hope of tingly greatness. Amy Adams is too old for the role, she'll be in her 40s by the time the sequels come around and is nine years older than Cavill. Lots of action without any heart or soul... a wasted opportunity that didn't feel like a Superman movie at all.

    Action has no point if there is no emotional impact behind it and that's what this film was lacking. They learned nothing from Superman Returns, making the same mistakes, but reversed. Kate Bosworth was too young, Amy Adams is too old. Superman Returns has heart but lacks action, and Man of Steel has action but lacks heart. Some middle ground, please.
  • I Hold No Love Or Hate For This Film

    I just watched this today and thought it wasn't the worst film I've ever seen, but it wasn't that good. The frequent flashbacks are often annoying and slows the story down, forcing me to grab a beer. It is only during the fight scenes (which there are not many of) that actually interest me. All this feels like is just explanation and little action. I honestly don't like Jon Kent who keeps telling Clark to not use his powers to the point when he stated Clark probably should have let the kids on he bus die. Believe me, I was excited to see him die in a tornado. The film also does some heavy corporate advertising during the first fight with between Superman and Zod's forces.

    However, the action is awesome, despite there being brief moments. It's exciting to see Superman fight Zod and his forces. However, without the action, the film is pretty boring.

    I would recommend renting this film first before seeing if it worth buying.
  • Man of Steel and Titan AE


    I was at my father's house watching the 2000 film Titan AE, halfway through the film I noticed similarities with Man of Steel, the main protagonist Cale Tucker was one of the survivors sent away from the destroyed

    Earth, he left with a ring from his father that displayed a map leading to the Titan a ship that will restore every species of Earth to a new terraformed planet, He is momentarily betrayed by his own species who want to destroy the ship as resistance seemed impossible, Cale activates the ship with the ring and recieves a message from his father, and the ship creates a new earth.

    Despite all this I still enjoyed Man of Steel
  • The best Superman yet!

    I love comics, but I've never been one to like Superman. Man of Steel changed that. How critics were mixed on this film, I'll never know. This movie is amazing and one of the best superhero films ever.

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