Man on Wire

Discovery Films/BBC Storyville/UK Film Council/Wall to Wall and Red Box Films Released 2008


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Man on Wire is a 2008 Academy Award winning best documentary. The film follows the daring, illegal, breathtaking, and somewhat inspiring journey of one man, Philippe Petit, and his 1974 mission to cable walk between New York City's Twin Towers ' the then highest buildings in the world. Told by Philippe and close friends, the story outlines his six-year dream to walk between the towers. Petit spent eight months in New York City planning his amazing dance 1,350 feet above Manhattan. The film is adrenaline packed as it covers how he planned and staged the coup in which he and his small group of friends had to find a way to bypass the World Trade Center's security, smuggle the enormous and heavy cabling into the towers, pass the wire between the two buildings, and anchor it strong enough to withstand the wind and fluctuation of the towers. On August 7th 1974, the young Frenchman stepped out onto the wire. It took a little over an hour of his performance until he was arrested. This film is the story of one man's dream and the ability of human perseverance.moreless
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