Masters of Horror: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road: Don Coscarelli

Anchor Bay Entertainment Released 2005


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Don Coscarelli
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You've always got to expect the unexpected and do the unexpected. It's the chilling advice a young woman (Bree Turner) thinks about late one night on a lonely stretch of mountain road. The warning, from her survivalist ex-husband, becomes all too real when a car accident leaves her alone, hurt and hunted by a backwoods maniac called "Moonface" (John De Santis). She's learned how to live. She's been trained how to kill. But when trapped in a monster's killing ground, will she know how to survive the most horrific confrontation of all? Ethan Embry and Angus "The Tall Man" Scrimm co-star in this grisly shocker directed by Don Coscarelli and adapted from the short story by Joe R. Lansdale (BUBBA HO-TEP) that The New York Daily News hails as "tantalizingly creepy and scary good!"

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    • Bruce: I believe anything can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. I learned that when I was a kid. I also learned you gotta roll with the weirdness. You know? Because to me, the world's a pretty fucked up place, Ellen. Sometimes it makes me just want to go out there and... shoot all these assholes.
      Ellen: So I guess you don't think the meek shall inherit the earth?
      Bruce: What, this? Nah. They can have it.
      Ellen: It's not so bad. If you don't think about the price of gas or the commuter traffic.
      Bruce: You see now, that's the fucked-up part. The gas, the traffic. You know, people are getting made about it, too. They are. If you ask me, one of these days, the whole thing's just gonna blow up. I mean, did you know that in Thailand, you can sell your baby, your 5-year old kid, to a sex shop? I mean, y6ou can do the same thing here. The only difference is that you can't advertise for it.
      Ellen: Are you always this charming on a first date, Bruce? Or do I look like a girl who's really interested in what's going on in Thailand?

    • Bruce: See, that's what'll save you when some wacko wants to put the hurt on you. You act just as crazy as they are, and they don't know what the fuck to do with you.
      Ellen: And what happens if crazy doesn't work?
      Bruce: Oh, crazy always works.

    • Bruce: When everything else fails you, try anything.

    • Buddy: But he doesn't want sexy things. Those things are bad. You see so many bad things in your life. It all comes in through your eyes. And sometimes your eyes lie to you. And show you things you don't want to see. So he makes them go away.

    • Bruce: You know what, Ellen? One last lesson for you. The meek will inherit shit.

    • Buddy: The eyes see all evil. All the evil in the world.

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Horror, Suspense


animal antics, assasination