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Metropolis is a futuristic 1927 silent film that explores a dark dystopian world by director Fritz Lang. In a world-class city named Metropolis, the struggling poor must live underground while they serve the pampered upper classes that live above them in opulent splendor. The city's dictator Joh Fredersen (Alfred Abel) ruthlessly controls the Metropolis. One day, his son Freder (Gustav Froehlich) meets the beautiful Maria (Brigitte Helm) and discovers there is an underground world that serves his extravagant lifestyle. Freder decides to join Maria in the lower world so that they can help the people revolt against their unfair conditions. His father then has Maria abducted and replaces her with a robot created by scientist Rotwang (Rudolf Klein-Rogge), so that he can silence the rebellion and have his son return home. The elegant art deco production design and dire look at the future has influenced science fiction favorites from "Blade Runner" to "The Matrix."


Metacritic Score

  • 100

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    Does what many great films do, creating a time, place and characters so striking that they become part of our arsenal of images for imagining the world.

  • 100

    San Francisco Chronicle Mick LaSalle

    Seeing it is a time-bending experience, a way of visiting the past and glimpsing the past's idea of the future. A masterpiece of art direction, the movie has influenced our vision ...

  • 90

    The New York Times Dana Stevens

    Metropolis retains its power to overwhelm, trouble and move because it is connected to the deep anxieties of modern life as if by a high-voltage cable.

Rudolf Klein-Rogge

Rudolf Klein-Rogge

C.A. Rotwang

Theodor Loos

Theodor Loos


Fritz Rasp

Fritz Rasp

The Thin Man

Alfred Abel

Alfred Abel

Joh Fredersen

Brigitte Helm

Brigitte Helm

The Creative Man / The Machine Man / Death / The Seven Deadly Sins / Maria

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