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Lev L. Spiro
In this hit Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM), three high school outcasts invent a time machine that allows them to travel back in time to prevent other outsiders from ending up in embarrassing situations. Sci-fi meets comedy in this entertaining Disney movie, starring Jason Dolley (as Virgil Fox) from the hit Disney Channel series, Cory in the House.
  • New freshman Virgil tries to save a nerd & becomes one himself. 3 years later they have an opportunity to change the past. But will it lead to the end of the world? Vergil discovers that You often don't knowwho your REAL friends are!moreless

    I NEVER review. This is only the 4th in a year & a half. But this movie was so awesome that I had to! Sept 5 2005 is Vergils first day of HS. He tries to save a nerd (Charlie) from being bullied and winds up being stripped,put into a cheerleeders outfit and hung on a Ram statue besides being labeled one himself for the next 3 years.No good deed goes unpunished! Well Charlie steals some files fron NASA and invents a time machine.With the help of biker dude Zeke they build the machine. Virgil sees an opportunity to right wrongs, become popular and get rich in the process. It doesn't quite work out that way: a street artist winds up becoming rich on the boys lottery ticket and a nerd they rescue becomes a BIGGER bully than the ones who were picking on him first.The principal Mr Tolkan ( played by J.P. Manoux who seems to be making a career out of playing school administrators)is totally oblivious to what's going on. Vergil is crushing on Stephanie who is dating Derek, his 2 best friends from elementary school. The FBI finds out what's going on and the 3 friends fight and split up. Charlie discovers that they have created a world-ending black hole and the 3 reunite to stop it. In the past Vergil discovers that Derek DIDN'T try to save him-- he was involved in it! He discovers that Charlie & Zeke are his REAL friends and Stephanie also discovers that Derek just uses people. So Vergil gets the girl and realizes that you don't always know who your REAL friends are. THis was the best DC movie I've seen in a LONG time. It was well written, has a superb cast and a tight story line. It couldn't have been better, it is my personal fave and I HIGHLY reccomend it.moreless
  • When SHS's little genius Charlie invents a time machine, Virgil sees it as a good chance for a do over. Charlie and Virgil decide it would be good for Virgil to save his crush/long time friend from falling from the cheerleader's pyramid and other things.moreless

    I see this Disney Channel movie and it was fun to watch. It full with comedy mix in with science fiction. The fact that science kid with his two friends who travel though time is a good storylline for a kid's movie. I am glad I watch it even though I'm a little too old for it now. To anyone who hear about this movie should watch it. It really for any age that interested. To Disney Channel, great job at making movies for kids and teenagers who watch your channel and thanks for movies before this and those to come.moreless
  • On of the few Disney Channel Original Movies today that actually work.

    What this movie is is actually an aventure, a comedy, and a sci-fi, which is awesome!

    Storyline: The storyline... ehh, needs some work. It's cliche (a guy who wants to fix problems from his life) but, actually, they twisted it and turned it to a funny action movie that actually worked.

    Characters: They're good for the record. Nothin' much to say about it.

    Acting: Acting is good. Jason Dolley has gotten fixed from his role at Cory in the House, and he was actually amazing.

    CGI Animation: Well, at least the CGI looks awesome. A black worm hole, that's awesome.

    Overall, if you want to see the original Disney, watch this movie. It's actually awesome.moreless
  • Disney used an overused plot, but made it work.

    Minutemen is my favorite Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) yet. The story line (as stated earlier) is rather overused. It's about the little guy (or guys in this case) building a time machine and helping fellow little people. This yeilds unforseen consequences. I won't give away the ending to those who haven't seen it, but let me say this: Though my little brothers were disappointed by the ending, I rather enjoyed the irony of it. Disney adopted an overused story line and redefined the time traveling concept. I liked how they (1) made three heroes, (2) had a bigger consequence, and (3) mixed comedy and sci-fi into one entertaining movie. I give it a 9 out of 10 for the previous reasons.moreless
  • wow! disney has really proved me wrong

    Minutemen is about 3 boys who go back in time to help others. but they have no idea that all the time travelling is causing a black hole!

    wow. disney has really proved me wrong. I thought all their disney channel original movies were boring and stupid. when i saw the advertisment for this, i thought it would be nice but i prepared to be disappointed like how i thought how great high school musical would be. Amazingly, this movie was like OMG :o, that was so awesome! i mean im like a teenager now, hardly anything pleases me. Really weird credits though... hahamoreless
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