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The feature trailer for Miral with quotes from Paul Haggis, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bernardo Bertolucci, Josh Brolin, Eric Fischl, Javier Bardem, Sir Norman Rosenthal, Hamid Dabashi, Johnny Depp. Jerusalem, 1948. On her way to work, Hind Husseini comes across 55 orphaned children in the street. She takes them home to give them food and shelter. Within six months, 55 have grown to almost 2000, and the Dar Al-Tifel Institute is born. At the age of 7, Miral is sent to the Institute by her father following her mother's death. Brought up safely inside the Institute's walls, she is na-ve to the troubles that surround her. Then, at the age of 17, she is assigned to teach at a refugee camp where she is awakened to the reality of her people's struggle. When she falls for political activist, Hani, she finds herself torn between the fight for the future of her people and Mama Hind's belief that education is the road to peace.moreless
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