Monkey in the Middle: The Real History of the Scopes Monkey Trial

Released 2011


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"Those who rewrite the past, condemn the future!" - Jerry Johnson, NiceneCouncil.comHistorical revisionism has reached epidemic levels in our modern world. And no place in American history is this more evident than the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial held in Dayton, TN in 1925.Through films like Inherent the Wind and other news reels most Americans today have a skewed view, to say the least, of what really took place.This so-called "trial" had such a great impact upon our country that we need to understand just how it came about, what were the points of contention, and what effect it produced In Monkey in the Middle: The Real History of the Scopes Monkey Trial, Dr. Gary North explains what really took place during the 1925 trial of John Scopes. Scopes was a teacher in Dayton, TN who agreed to be the "guinea pig" (or better yet, the monkey in the middle) for the ACLU as they sought to undermine the Biblical teaching of the creation of man in the public school system. The trial had immediate and long lasting consequences; both in America and around the world.Join Dr. North as he narrates the true documented history of the Scopes trial, and gives insightful commentary on what led up to it, including the participants and their worldview.North demonstrates that the trial was not just an anomaly in history, but rather was the logical outworking of previous historical philosophies.moreless

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