Monsters, Inc.

Pixar Animation Studios Released 2001


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  • very twisted

    what a twisted monster thing when they gotta scare cute kids that they scare the hell out of the only thing that just makes it cool is the doors just you dont see a room in front of those doors well it was just perfect to make it for pixar.
  • Uno dei migliori lavori della Pixar.

    Un film che letteralmente segnato la mia infanzia,quello che rester forse uno dei lavori pi originali e sicuramente pi riusciti della Pixar.
  • Brilliant

    If I didn't have kids, I'd have to have some just to have an excuse to watch this movie - I absolutely love Sully, he's so cute and charming!
  • Very good :)

    This film was awesome 10/10 perfect Pixar did it amazing.
  • 4th Place for best Pixar movie of all time!

    This movie is about 2 monsters named Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan (Sulley) who go to Monsters Incorperated, a factory where monsters scare kids and their screams go into this battery, kinda thing, and it releases power for all monsters around. Suddenly, while Sulley is picking up Mike's Paperwork, a cute little girl named Boo comes out and Sulley tries to return her before Randall or other Monsters find out about it, while Mike is on a birthday date at a Sushi Bar, Sulley has Boo inside a case, and Boo comes out and all the monsters are scared. Its up to Mike and Sulley both work together and try to return Boo to her home before Randall gets her.

    Now Boo, is probably the cutest little girl I have ever seen on a Disney Movie. Unlike most children Boo isn't even afraid of monsters (Except for Randall), while monsters actually are afraid of her, that's one reason why this movie is so funny, children are always afraid of monsters, this time its the opposite. Pretty much all characters are likable in this movie, even Randall is likable even though he's a villian and is upset that Sulley always wins, always appears on Scarer of the month, everything. Roz was really funny, we had a stuffed toy of her during the movie, don't make fun of me if you think I'm too old for stuffed toys since I look at her and think about how funny she is, especially with her funny quote "I'm watching you Wazowski, I'm always watching you"

    There were tons of laughs out of me. Examples are: Every quote from Roz (The old lady slug or whatever), The bloopers at the end (Pixar calles them Outtakes), Mike always getting hurt like a Speaker crushing him and other violent stuff that happened to him and made Boo laugh, I have billions of funny moments to mention that happened in this movie. For the Birds (My Favorite Pixar short) played before this movie and it was really funny also!

    The artwork and animation (Which is Computer Animation) was brilliant, this was the 6th year of Animated Feature this movie released in (I actually remember seeing this movie around late 2001) and it was the 4th movie Pixar made. Awesome one of the 1st, I like Pixar movies now, I just miss the older ones like this and Finding Nemo.

    The voice acting was awesome, a lot of great actors were in it too!

    The music was like Modernish style and it sounded amazing. I loved it! Probably one of the main reasons why this movie was so awesome!

    It had some sad moments though, like when Sulley accidently scared Boo and when Sulley was never going to see Boo ever again (While Mike fixed the door, Sulley got to see Boo and it made the ending amazing, it gave me tears of joy not sad sad because It was so sweet at these kind of moments) I loved how they put the factory back in buisness and instead, they found out making kids laugh releases power too. I hear they were going to have a sequel which is just Monsters Inc 2 where the monsters did all this but then they changed it around and now its a prequel known as Monsters University coming this June. I saw something in the theaters while seeing it during the trailers, it only said something about though, But I'm looking forward to that movie real bad!!

    Overall Rating: (10/10) A+ This movie was perfect! 4th place for greatest Pixar movie ever made! Way to go Disney and Pixar! You have to watch this movie! Your gonna love it and I know it!!!! ;)
  • A Pixar Classics

    In the past, Pixar have made such classical films such as the Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Shrek and so on. However, none shall forget to include the film that we as kids and adults love, 'Monsters Inc'

    Everything about the film, I loved. The story, the characters, the situation, the voice acting EVERYTHING!
  • Monsters Inc is such a GREAT classic

    Great movie,end of story
  • Great idea

    Heartwarming. Funny. GREAT!!

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