Monsters University

Pixar Animation Studios Released 2013


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  • Monsters University!

    First of all, the animation is very colorful and intriguing. Also, I like that this isn't called Monsters, Inc. 2 and that it is original and creative. The characters all have a different personality. SPOILER ALERT! This movie is about two monsters named James B. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. Sullivan is recognized as a popular student because his is from the Sullivan family, and Mike doesn't get much appraisal for his hard work. Mike and Sullivan enter the Scare Games and they end up winning the last competition even though they had an underestimated team of monsters. This is because Sullivan messes with the controls of a child dummy, making it scared much more easily. This movie has some emotional moments and a PG rating would probably be more appropriate for this movie. Overall, this is a very good movie, and even though sequels aren't usually as good as its original, this movie sure was a winner! Very entertaining for all ages!

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