Monsters Vs. Aliens

DreamWorks Animation Released 2009


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Conrad Vernon , Rob Letterman

Monsters vs. Aliens is a computer-animated 3D science fiction film developed by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Conrad Vernon and Rob Letterman that centers on poor Susan Murphy, whose dream of marrying her weatherman fiancé Derek Dietl goes flat when she's infected with a radioactive energy called quantonium. Unfortunately for Susan, the quantonium turns the meek and non-confrontational bride-to-be into a nearly fifty-foot tall super strong indestructible being. She finds herself captured by the United States military, led by General W.R. Monger, and kept in a secret facility with the other so-called monsters found throughout America over the years, including the gelatinous (and brainless) indestructible B.O.B., the human-turned-cockroach mad scientist Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D., the ape-fish hybrid and co-ed tormentor Missing Link, and the gigantically massive Insectosaurus, who's easily distracted by lights. When the alien Gallaxhar comes to Earth looking for the quantonium, Monger manages to convince the President to use the monsters as the first line of defense against Gallaxhar's alien technology. It seems the outcasts have to take on the shoes of heroes and Susan comes into her own as Ginormica.



Metacritic Score

  • 70

    Los Angeles Times

    In fact "nice" is the adjective that seems to surface most in trying to pin down the film's most salient quality, which means that while the film is enjoyable enough, it is unlikel...

  • 70

    Variety Todd McCarthy

    A film of chuckles, smiles and light amusement rather than big laughs, galvanizing excitement and original invention.

  • 50

    The New York Times A.O. Scott

    The movie is curiously unmemorable, partly because nearly all of its humor depends on your having seen something like it before, even if you haven't.

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for the child in you, fate of the galaxy, quirky characters, epic battles, mutants