Mortal Kombat II: Annihilation

Released 1997


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John R. Leonetti
Mortal Kombat II: Annihilation follows a group of heroic warriors who have only six days to save the planet. To succeed they must survive the most spectacular series of challenges any human, or god, has ever encountered as they battle an evil warlord bent on taking control of Earth. Sequel to the film "Mortal Kombat," and based on the popular video game. Starring Robin Shou ("Mortal Kombat," "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li"), Talisa Soto ("Don Juan DeMarco," "License to Kill") and James Remar ("Blade: Trinity," "2 Fast 2 Furious").

Metacritic Score

  • 30


    Pic consists largely of choppily edited fight scenes (usually involving somersaults and back flips) combined with various computer graphic effects.

  • 16

    Entertainment Weekly Owen Gleiberman

    Fragmented and monotonous, without a semblance of the gymnastic cleverness that at least made the first Mortal Kombat film into watchable trash, Mortal Kombat Annihilation is as de...

  • 10

    The New York Times Lawrence Van Gelder

    Here's the lowdown on the latest chapter in Mortal Kombat: deadly dull.

  • Terrible and Disappointing

    I liked the first Mortal Kombat movie and can still watch it on occasion. The sequel however is a real letdown. The fight scenes are the ONLY reason this isn't a 1 out of 10.

    A very large amount of the movie has unneeded moments. The biggest problem I have with this is when they build up the importance of Animality. Rayden sends Liu Kang to learn it from Nightwolf, who was only in this because he was in "Mortal Kombat 3". He gives Liu Kang the instructions to master it, but when Liu masters it in the final battle against Shao Kahn, it only lasts for about a minute and Liu loses. What is the point?

    While the fight scenes are the only redeeming factor in the movie, many are unneeded. The fight between Mileena and Sonya did nothing to advance the story. At least in the first film, the characters fight because of a tournament, but there is no tournament in this so it was unnecessary and just drags the movie longer than it needs.

    There are also moments that make no sense whatsoever. If Jade was actually on Kahn's side, why did she help get the group to Kahn's castle and knock out Sindel. And why exactly did the Elder Gods lie to Rayden. It's never explained.

    The only reason that this should ever be bought is if you've seen the first film and you REALLY REALLY want to see how it all ends.moreless

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