My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Hasbro Studios Released 2013


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Jayson Thiessen
When her crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pursues the thief, Sunset Shimmer, into an alternate world where she finds herself turned into...a teenage girl!


  • Best movie ever

    I love the idea of ponies in human versions. My favorite scenes of all was the girls singing that crown song, Pinkie Pie talking about portals and a guy calling Spike weird. Sunset Shimmer, in my opinion, is listed as one of the most dangerous villains in cartoon history. Her primary plot was too brainwash teenagers, and destroy Equastria. But now thanks to the girls, Sunset Shimmer was stopped and is now revealed to have a kind heart after being defeated. Also, Will Friedle should've been the voice of Flash Sentry. And I'm not trying to be offensive or anything, I love the movie and it's sequel, but as far as I can notice; both of them keep on having rip-offs, comparisons and/or references from popular media, such as: Bratz, Tinkerbell, Jem, High School Musical, Star Wars, WITCH, Monster High, Sailor Moon, Trollz, Thundercats (the old & new version), Winx and so on. But nonetheless, I still love the movie, and the show a whole lot. This one is one of the best movies to be ever watched/made.

    Overall grade: 10 out of 10, and an A+++. :-)moreless
  • Wasn't thrilled at first

    The idea of them becoming humans wasn't a favorite idea of mine but after seeing how little was changed, I came to love the idea and thus enjoyed the movie.
  • I personally love this movie.

    I love this movie just as much as I love the show and for the same reasons. The animation is colorful, I can relate to the characters, and it's a load of fun. I do hear a lot of negative things about, and to be honest I thought It was going to suck too, but later before it got released I started to want to watch it more. Some people do crap on this movie; but just be glad it's not Animated King and I, Secret of NIMH 2, The Grooveinians, Doogal, anything from Video Brinquedo, Sparkplug Entertaiment films, Mars Needs Moms, and others that I can't name at the moment. I think the thing that made a lot of people hate it were the human ponies and Flash Sentry. I'm now waiting for the sequel. I'm sad it didn't do so well in the box office, because it was released in only a few theaters in the United States and Canada. I'm mad too because last year, the same year this movie came out: Movie 43, Smurfs 2, Grown Ups 2, After Earth, Escape from Planet Earth, Texas Chainsaw 3D, The Hangover Part III, Scary Movie 5, InAPPropriate Comedy, 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Black Naivity, 21 and Over, Peeples, Assault on Wall Street, Suddenly, Free Birds, and The Freaking Starving Games made more than Equestria Girls did. WOW.moreless
  • Pretend that this doesn't exist.

    For all you fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, nevermind this. I not an avid fan of the show but I enjoy watching it every so often. It's really nothing more than an extended High School Musical filler in between scenes of ponies speaking. Twilight becomes a human teen stuck in a high school full of human versions of the ponies and they even retain their same names and personalities. How lazy and unoriginal. Along with that most of the ponies have apparently deaged for high school. The mane six in the show are described as mares who are fully grown. (Now I am aware that humans have long childhood compared to most Seriously, couldn't they come up with a better setting than the whole overused high school formal plot.

    On top of that, virtually all the humanoid ponies are tall, trim, and athletic looking. The girls looked especially skinny as if they could be anorexic and the boys muscular. Do all the boys participate sports? They could be models. There weren't any people that were short, average, and the only chubby person was the human Snails. At least as ponies they were well rounded and even cute looking. The only real logical reasons why this movie was made was to keep interest until season 4 and mainly to sell anthro versions of the ponies. Human versions of those ponies were fun to see in fan works but didn't work out for the series in general. What's next? Deer, antelope, goats, dinosaurs, bears, wild cats, mermaids, machines, fairies, exotic birds? Are they going to be made into those versions in order to sell more dolls? This film did not merit a theatrical release. It was no were good enough. It's the equivalent of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    Not worth watching, stick to the cartoon because the movie undermines the show.moreless

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