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Nicholas Stoller
A couple with a newborn infant are forced to live next to a college fraternity.

Metacritic Score

  • 91

    The Playlist Drew Taylor

    Neighbors is one of the funniest, most visually inventive studio comedies in recent memory.

  • 80

    The Hollywood Reporter John DeFore

    Very funny at the outset and escalating steadily for most of its brisk running time, the film represents a big win for neophyte screenwriters Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O'Brien.

  • 80

    The Guardian Andrew Pulver

    In its current state, Neighbors is filthy, nasty and a bit too sloppy. But it'll scrub up lovely.

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    From the Director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek, comes Neighbors, and you usually can't go wrong with a comedy that stars Seth Rogen. In this film, Rogen is actually playing a grown up, with a new baby and a new house. Life seems to be perfect for Mac (Rogen) and his new wife Kelly (Rose Byrne), until they get new neighbors, a fraternity house. They seem like they'll get along okay, until the couple finally calls the police on their neighbors, then all hell breaks loose. This film had all the makings of a great comedy and would have been terrific, if their had been less partying, and more fighting. While there were some extremely funny moments, most of the film either features the eye candy partying or Rogen and Byrne consistently interrupting each other during their long, loud, confusing conversations. This film really was the first time I understood peoples complaints about Rogen, as his rambling and interrupting was just ridiculously over the top. The surprise of the film was easily Zac Efron. I've seen him in several films before and he's good at what he does, usually playing this super attractive, really nice guy, in some love story or teen drama. I can honestly say until this point, I never enjoyed anything he was in, except for 17 Again. This film marks a change in direction for the young stars career and he was really great. Most of the funny moments in this film, actually came not from Rogen, but from Efron. It was great to see, but still not enough to save this film. There is a lot of partying, drinking, pot, and eye candy, but when it comes right down to it, this film really wasn't anything special.moreless
  • so and so..

    It kinda remind me of the seriez greek ,which for a show was pretty good, but for a movie... #not. had 2 or three funny scenes but that was all.. i was expecting more.. i'll give it a 6
  • Is one of the crudest dumbest films I have ever seen.

    It has one or maybe two actually funny parts to it but it is mostly unadulterated BS of the purest ray serene in ways that are hard to put into words. Embarrassing is a good word for it or maybe cinematic diarrhea works are setting the bar to a new low and will surely be followed by many other filmmakers who will probably make even worse films than this. The premise isn't really plausible in the sense that even if a thing like this happened it wouldn't just be one neighbour with a issue it would be about a dozen-cuz sound doesn't just travel in one direction.moreless

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