Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys

Released 1995


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Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys

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Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Woody Allen and Golden Globe and Emmy-winner Peter Falk star in Neil Simon's television adaptation of his classic about two aging comedy legends, at odds for almost a decade, who reunite for a final show. Willie Clark, a crotchety comedian from television's golden age, still lives in New York, looking for work. His agent, Nancy (Golden Globe-winner Sarah Jessica Parker), who is also his niece, gets him auditions when she can, but Willie's condescending and combative manner usually costs him the part. So Nancy can't contain her excitement when Warner Brothers calls to offer Uncle Willie a role in their Christmas blockbuster. The only catch is, they want to reunite the classic team of "Lewis and Clark." Willie and his former partner, Al, have not spoken for eight years. Al Lewis always the team's straight man, is now retired and living happily with his daughter in New Jersey. Al is as reasonable and composed as Willie is irascible and difficult. Neither admits he is willing to reunite with his former partner or that he cares in the least about the money they stand to gain. After a little good-natured conniving on Nancy's part they agree to meet and discuss the role. Willie and Al pick up exactly where they left off. Basically easygoing, Al nonetheless has some mildly annoying habits, which inevitably send Willie into orbit. In fact, neither can resist pushing the other's buttons, often with hilarious results. And though they sputter and complain profusely about one another in public, each man privately concedes that his partner is one of the funniest men alive. When it comes time for the big screen test, the high-strung sexagenarians get a bit out of hand. Their routine repeatedly erupts into uncontrollable bouts of carping and name-calling, ending only when Willie collapses and must be rushed to the hospital. The movie deal is off, but the two old partners have learned that there are rewards far richer than celebrity. Nmoreless

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