Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

Released 2008


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Jay Oliva
Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow is an animated action fantasy film directed by Jay Oliva based on multiple superheroes within the Marvel Comics universe that chronicles the evolving android Ultron's decision that the only way to maintain peace on Earth was to control it itself. It went after the one group that might potentially stand in the way: the Avengers, killing almost all of the team including Captain America, Haweye, Storm, and even the Black Widow. With the only hope gone, Tony Stark takes the Avengers' children with the guidance of Vision, an android, in order to help train them as the next generation. James Rogers is very much like his parents, Captain American and Black Widow, with his exceptional fighting abilities and the natural leadership qualities. Torunn is nearly indestructible as an Asgardian but is bitter over her father, Thor, abandoning her on Earth. Azari is the princely son of the Black Panther and Storm struggling with his Black Panther spirit and his mother's electrical powers. Henry Pym, the youngest but smartest, has the shrinking and growing powers of his parents, Giant Man and the Wasp. Francis Barton is the spitting image of his father, Hawkeye, and is even deadlier with the bow. Even with all the training and their own special skills, the Teen Avengers might just need that extra help in the form of the uncontrollable and ever angry Hulk.moreless


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  • When the heroes are gone... it's time for the next generation to pick up the slack!

    Strong 3 stars.

    A rather entertaining movie with a captive story for any fan of Avengers (little hints were thrown at how their story ended as Ultron rose, how Tony became the guardian of his friends' children, and so on and so forth).

    The plot wasn't without its holes but none of them were big; they just simply jumped into the next important moment in the story.

    Personally I felt like including the Hulk was the easy way out, although it added another layer of story.

    Vision, on the other hand, was a very nice addition - not to mention Iron Man himself and the inner struggle we barely got to witness.

    All in all a thrilling, fun, touching ride that has many good moments.moreless

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