Night and the City

Released 1950




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Night and the City

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Jules Dassin
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Night And The City is a moody film noir with a difference - the setting is London, a grim, post-war city full of craters and ruins created by wartime bombs, full of people who don't have enough because of the austerity regime, full of unscrupulous con-artists on the make. Harry Fabian, an American who had to leave home rather quickly to avoid the attentions of both police and underworld, is hoping to make some money out of the British, but finds that the big boys controlling the rackets in London are just as ruthless as their New York counterparts.


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    • The music for this film was composed by a well-known British film composer, Benjamin Frankel, but, when the film was released in America, Twentieth Century-Fox decided to replace Frankel's score in its entirety with a new score by a studio contractee, Franz Waxman. However, Frankel's score remained on all European prints of the film, and in the version which has always played on British television.

    • This crime thriller was entirely filmed in Great Britain, but with Hollywood actors in lead roles and an American producer and director. It has been speculated that Jules Dassin got the job to prevent him from having to stay in the US to give evidence about his leftist sympathies to the House Un-American Activities Committee. He remained in Europe and, after several years of not working, became a director in the French film industry. He did not return to America until the late 1960s.

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    • This extremely dramatic and downbeat film noir was remade in the early 1990s - but was now bizarrely transformed into an eccentric comedy with a New York setting. Robert de Niro and Jessica Lange starred under the direction of Irwin Winkler.


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