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  • Trivia

    • Sam Waterston's two scenes as CIA director Richard Helms were originally deleted from the film for its cinema release as the film was already over three hours long. They were, however, restored for the DVD release.

  • Quotes

    • Richard M. Nixon: I will not go down as the first American President to lose a war!

    • Jack Jones: I think, Mr. President, you're forgetting who put you where you are.
      Richard M. Nixon: The American people put me where I am.

    • Richard M. Nixon: [after the assassination of John Kennedy]: If I'd been the President, they never would have killed me.

    • H.R. Haldeman: The old Nixon charm - who could resist that?

    • Richard M. Nixon: Nobody's gonna beat Kennedy in '64, with all the money in the world.
      Cuban Man: Suppose Kennedy don't run in '64?

    • John Dean: How the hell do you have the temerity to blackmail the President of the United States?
      E. Howard Hunt: That's not the question, John. The question is, why is he paying?

    • Dr. Henry Kissinger: To be undone by a third-rate burglary is a fate of Biblical proportions.

  • Notes

    • Anthony Hopkins was initially reluctant to take the title role in this film, saying that, as  a Welshman, he could hardly play an American president. However, he had a great personal success in the part and later played another president, John Adams, in the 1997 film Amistad. Both Nixon and Adams were, interestingly, men of Welsh ancestry, albeit distantly so.

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