No Blade of Grass

Released 1970


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No room to run! No place to hide! Maddened by fear they turn against each other!An environmental catastrophe destroys civilization. Thousands are starving. Millions are dead. Resources are used up, poisoned andpolluted. Found among the survivors are the Custance clan. Led by father John (Nigel Davenport) and mother Ann (Cornel Wilde'sspouse and frequent collaborator Jean Wallace), the Custance clan sets out on a quest for safety in a savage world that may just endup turning them into the very thing they are fleeing.Actor-turned-independent director Cornel Wilde created 8 unique films over the span of two decades. But nothing prepared theaudiences of 1970 for the sights that awaited them in No Blade of Grass. Raw, uncompromising and violent -maybe too much so, as thefilm went largely unseen. Now available in a full, uncut edition, No Blade of Grass can at last be seen in all its grim, daring,gory glory.moreless
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Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction


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