Noriko's Dinner Table

Released 2005


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Sion Sono
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Noriko's Dinner Table is an award-winning 2006 sequel to the cult classic horror film Suicide Club. It is both written and directed by Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono. Seventeen-year-old Noriko Shimabara (Kazue Fukiishi) feels misunderstood and neglected by her prim family, which includes her father Tetsuzo (Ken Mitsuishi), her mother Taeko (Sanae Miyata), and her sister Yuka (Yuriko Yoshitaka). She turns to a website called to find friends with whom she can identify, and ends up running away to Tokyo to be with another teenage girl on the site, named Kumiko (Otake Tsuzumi). Once there, Kumiko introduces Noriko to a new "family" that has sinister plans for the young girl. As Tetsuzo discovers clues that uncover his daughter's new dark world, he must work to recover Noriko before her time runs out. Noriko's Dinner Table is a gritty, disturbing look at themes such as suicide, teenage alienation, and the lack of true connection between family members in today's world.

Metacritic Score

  • 90

    Los Angeles Times Kevin Thomas

    Through a barrage of fragmented images of lurid events, escalating hysteria and sheer madness, Sono holds up a cracked mirror to modern life, inspiring the viewer to think with une...

  • 50

    The New York Times

    This 159-minute feature doesn't quite cohere. Mr. Sono's direction is haphazard; he oversells the first half's whimsical touches and the second half's spiral-of-doom emoting. Still...

  • 50


    Although told through a cascade of flashes forward and back, the puzzle doesn't quite form a complete picture by the end, which may leave genre fans frustrated but the arthouse cro...

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