Oliver & Company

Walt Disney Feature Animation Released 1988


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George Scribner

Oliver & Company is a re-telling of Charles Dickens' classic story of Oliver Twist which introduces a colorful animated cast of animal and human characters along with five original songs. Set in modern day New York City, the film follows the adventures of Oliver, an orphaned orange kitten in search of a home. While trying to obtain sausages from a hot dog vendor named Louie, he's noticed by Dodger, a smooth-talking, street-smart mutt who says they should team up to get the sausages. After they succeed, Dodger takes leave with the sausages, abandoning Oliver. The determined kitten follows Dodger all throughout New York until he finds the barge where Dodger lives along the fiery chihuahua Tito, the pompous Bulldog Francis, the dim-witted (and ironically named) Great Dane Einstein, and the dashing Saluki Rita. Their master Fagin arrives with the terrifying news that he's in trouble because Sykes, a vicious loan-shark who once lent him money, is coming. Sykes says he has exactly three days to pay the money owed. The dogs and Oliver set out to find a way to steal some money, and they encounter a limousine driven by a butler, Winston, who's there to take care of Jenny while her parents are away. While Francis creates a diversion, Tito and Oliver try to steal the car's radio and dashboard, but Oliver slips on the ignition keys and Tito gets "barbequed". Jenny adopts Oliver, but her family's pompous poodle Georgette, is enraged and jealous of Oliver's presence. The dogs manage to steal Oliver back, but he's not satisfied as he finally found the home he wanted. Then Fagin comes in and suddenly decides to random the cat to the supposedly "very rich cat owner person". Little does he know that said person is just a little girl with only a piggy bank. When they meet, Fagin lets her have him back by pretending to have found him in a dumpster, but Sykes kidnaps Jenny in order to ransom her for the money. The dogs team up with Oliver to save Jenny and it results in an epic chase through the subway, which ends with Sykes getting hit by an oncoming train. Later the next day, the animals, Fagin, and Winston all celebrate Jenny's birthday and it turns out her parents are coming home the next day. In the end, Oliver stays with Jenny but Dodger promises him a spot in the gang.

  • A very sweet and enduring movie with a great soundtrack

    One of my absolute favorite moments is the part where Oliver cuddles with Dodger. That part warmed my heart. Then there's the songs. They're wonderful, especially the opening song Once Upon a Time in New York City sung by Huey Lewis and Why Should I Worry sung by the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel. Only thing about this movie I can say I don't like is that some parts are surprisingly violent. Like when the Dobermans attack Oliver or when they die on the subway tracks. But this is overall a great family movie that everybody in the family should like.moreless
  • Why should I worry! Why should I care!

    Best song ever!

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 26 (originally posted last year on July 16): I saw your review at Common Sense Media SodaDog. Could you review other great Disney classics? And I wanted you to review it here too. Same for Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 1: Thanks for the review! I agree too many people hate this movie for seemingly NO REASON, like really, 43% at Rotten Tomatoes? Well at least it didn't get 14% like Gordy did. Yet even Home on the Range (Disney's worst animated feature ever!) got 54%! Also I forgot to ask you to review Rabbids Invasion here. And could you to a Top 10 Best Disney Movies? I did Top 30, the reason I included two non-animated titles was because they don't have The Jungle Book or One Hundred and One Dalmatians here. Plus I love Mary Poppins and Gordy. Gordy gets EVEN MORE hate than this, and it's still not justified! They say it's a rip-off of Babe but really it's not. They just happened to come out the same year and both be about talking piglets.moreless
  • Why does everyone hate this gem?

    This gets a big ten! a TEN OUT OF TEN! I don't get why everyone hates this gem. It's surely one of the best films ranking with Lion King, Cinderella, and other Disney gems! I really wished others gave this movie a ten out of ten or five out of five stars, It's one of the best ones they made!

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