Our Lips Are Sealed

Released 2000


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Movie: Our Lips Are Sealed


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Our Lips Are Sealed stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Maddie and Abby Parker in this direct-to-video comedy film. The Parker twins are eyewitnesses to a diamond theft at a local museum, and to ensure their safety, they are placed in the FBI's Witness Protection Program. This seems like the perfect solution, but there's one major problem: Maddie and Abby can't keep their big mouths shut! Every time the sisters are relocated, they accidentally tell a new classmate or teacher their secret within days! The FBI becomes so frustrated with the blabbermouths that the Parkers are sent to Australia to keep their true identity a secret. Their new lives in Sydney, Australia start off to a rocky beginning, but eventually they begin to find their place in the new country. But the drama continues once again when the girls discover they are being hunted down by a crime lord named Hatchew, who was the mastermind behind the diamond theft at the museum. Watch the Olsen twins in action in this exciting comedy flick!moreless
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Action & Adventure, Comedy, Kids


Tweens, Pre-Teens