Pat Cooper Live - You're Always Yelling

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Movie: Pat Cooper Live - You're Always Yelling


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On this special edition DVD, Pat Cooper brings his uproariously funny, lovable anger into your living room and keeps you laughing from beginning to end. For nearly four decades Pat Cooper, described by some of the world's most famous entertainers as the "comedian's comedian", has appeared on many stages, from comedy clubs to major theaters. With his impeccable timing, comedic genius and commanding stage presence he always leaves his sold-out audiences roaring. Pat Cooper - You're Always Yelling -Live features the comedian at his best, ranting and raving and making us keel over with laughter. This special edition DVD contains the Bonus feature Mangia, Mangia, Pat's wild and delirious take on food. You're Always Yelling - Live is that rare comedy program that will keep you laughing time and time again. You will treasure it forever.moreless
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