Peggy Sue Got Married

Released 1986


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Francis Ford Coppola
Peggy Sue Got Married is a 1986 comedy-drama by director Francis Ford Coppola exploring questions of fate, choice, and what we might do if offered a second chance in life. Peggy Sue Bodell (Kathleen Turner) is a recently separated single mother attending her 25-year high school reunion with daughter Beth (Helen Hunt). Peggy is reconnecting with her old friends and lamenting how time has affected them when ex-husband Charlie (Nicholas Cage) shows up, causing an awkward confrontation. Ignoring him, and accepting the crown of 'Queen' for the reunion Peggy suddenly faints onstage and regains consciousness in the year 1960, her senior year of high school. While initially in shock from the time displacement, Peggy quickly learns how to use the situation to her advantage. Armed with foresight from the future, she decides to fix the path of her life, changing relationships, taking the actions she had always desired, and indulging the 'roads not taken.' However, when old loves and bonds begin to reassert themselves, Peggy begins to realize the value of her previous existence and unforeseen joys resulting from even the poorest of choices. As she quests to return to her present Peggy comes to realize sometimes choices we make were never choices at all. Nominated for three academy awards, including best Actress, Cinematography, and Best Costume; Peggy Sue Got Married also features early performances from Nicholas Cage, Jim Carrey, Helen Hunt, Joan Allen, Catherine Hicks and Sofia Coppola, all of whom catapulted to stardom in the following years.moreless


Metacritic Score

  • 100

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    Peggy Sue Got Married is a lot of things - a human comedy, a nostalgic memory, a love story - but there are times when it is just plain creepy, because it awakens such vivid memori...

  • 100

    Chicago Tribune Dave Kehr

    Droll, pungent, and superbly told, Peggy Sue Got Married is more than a return to form for Francis Coppola. It's a film that reveals a new depth, a new sensitivity and a new surene...

  • 75

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Jay Scott

    Peggy Sue is by no means a masterpiece of movie art, but it is an example of the sort of thoroughly enjoyable middle-brow Hollywood picture - clever, thoughtful, literate - that we...

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Love & Romance, Romantic Comedy, Time Travel, 80s