Peter Pan

Walt Disney Productions Released 1953


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  • Disney's most overrated classic that never really deserved to become a classic to begin with

    I know I'm going to receive A LOT of flack for this, but I can't keep my feelings about "Peter Pan" inside. In my mind, it's Disney's most overrated work to date. But in hind sight, "Peter Pan" actually has quite a bit going for it. The animation (as usual) is gorgeous, the characters are pretty fun (for the most part), the soundtrack is pretty good (for the most part), and Captain makes this film as one of the most hilarious villains Disney has ever created. He steals the show. So what's wrong with this film? I must say that the scene with "What Makes the Red Man Red" is without a doubt the most racially uncomfortable scene I've ever had to sit through in a Disney film. And it hasn't aged very well either. My other big problem is Peter Pan and Tinker Bell themselves. These two are just despicable and cruel. They're both up there as some of my most HATED Disney characters of all time. These two almost make me HATE the film as a whole. All in all, "Peter Pan" is average at best. While it has quite a bit going for it, the two things it has going against it REALLY hurt the product by bringing it down to adequacy. It's no means a bad film. But it's in no means a classic like "Cinderella" or "Alice in Wonderland" either.

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