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MGM Released 2008


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Stephen Herek
Mandy can't believe her luck when the most popular boy at her high school invites her to a party. The only problem is, she's grounded. Find out how she handles this sticky situation in this ABC Family original movie.
  • Series?

    The movie was good, but I was wondering if this movie can become a TV series to grab more viewers and fans? It would be great, but on the alternative, can this movie bring back the rebooted versions of these three discontinued WB shows: Popular, Maybe It's Me and Do Over? If so, these three WB shows can be aired in ABC Family and, this time, no discontinuities!
  • This movie could have been little better. (INCLUDES SPOLIERS)

    When I first saw the preview for this movie, I was totally excited and I could hardly wait to see Ashley Tisdale starring in another movie.

    But when it was over, I thought it could have been just a little bit better. I mean, Mandy didn't tell her dad the truth about what she was doing when he thought she was studying (which pretty much encourages kids to lie), and we never found out whether Drew was going to do the same to Mandy as his brother did with another girl. Mandy just left the party, and then at the end of the movie back at school, she and Drew kiss. Am I right, or did I just miss a couple scenes that could prove me wrong?

    The point is, I think the movie needed a bit of fine-tuning. But even though this wasn't my all-time favorite film, I still love Ashley.moreless
  • Mandy gets invited to a high school party by Drew (the hottest guy in high school), but she was grounded by her dad and has help from her friends to get her to that party!moreless

    omg i watched this on sunday and i loved it! it was awesome, especially Drew!! i LOVE him soo much! i think he is soo soo hott! it was so cute when Mandy( Ashley )

    saw her picture and Drew said "That's my favorite".!! Like omg i would want a hott guy to say that to mee!! Drew's ex was really mean and i didn't like her at all!! she was like really mean in the movie. I wanted to like beat her up! no jk! i would watch "Picture This" anytime because it was fabulous!moreless
  • Some chick (played by Ashley Tisdale) is in love with this guy who falls for her back and this stuck up blonde doesn't like it so they try to destroy Ashley Tisdales character from getting with the guy.moreless

    I only watched this movie because of Shenae Grimes and Lauren Collins (both on the TV show Degrassi), and I've heard about Ashley Tisdale but never taken the time to watch her in anything. I found this movie average. It was mildly entertaining but this has been done in MANY movies before, the only difference with this one is video phones are commonly used, and every half hour the overly concerned father calls to check up on her and demands to see on video the atmosphere shes in. Both the enemy girl and the overly concerned father got on my nerves throughout most of the movie, Ashley Tisdale wasn't all that great, and most of the antics she did were stupid. I gave this a 6 only because I think Shenae pulled her plot really well and Lauren was good too.moreless
  • It was a very sweet Movie and really worth watching.

    It is all about a girl who was never noticed by the guy she always dreamed of. But little did she know that he did notice her and even asked her out!

    We see the over protective father. Yes he was annoying at times but he realised what he was doing and when he was letting go we can see that she did not really like that.

    This movie gives us an example how hard life can be sometimes and that we find a lot of obsticles in our way but that is how we learn to move on and have a better life.moreless

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