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Hamilton Luske , Norman Ferguson
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Pinocchio is a 1940 American animated children's fantasy film, produced by Walt Disney and based on Carlo Collodi's ''The Adventures of Pinocchio''. The second film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics collection, Pinocchio tells the tale of a wooden marionette boy, Pinocchio (voice of Dickie Jones), who wants nothing more than to become a real boy. A sweet coming-of-age tale, Pinocchio follows the lad's adventures and misadventures as he struggles along a trying path of self-discovery and matuation. Pinocchio has the help of the Blue Fairy (voice of Evelyn Venable) and Jiminy Cricket (Cliff Edwards) along the way, but he also encounters some undesirable characters who try to lead him down the wrong path. Pinocchio is a fun, family-friendly film that children of all ages can enjoy.

  • When you wish upon a star, you get Disney at some of their best

    If you thought "Snow White" was something special (which it is), it pales in comparison to the very expensive and highly successful and revolutionary "Pinocchio". With this jewel, Walt Disney takes the simple fairy tale and turns it into something very relatable and something surprisingly deep and complex. He did everything right here. The animation is astounding, the soundtrack is great, the characters are brilliant, and the morals are in the right place. Top it off with the very inspiring moral of the dreams of pure people coming true and you get a true treasure in the realm of animation.moreless
  • Nick finally cancelled Sam & Cat!

    I know this is unrelated, but we finally got rid of Sam & Cat! Hallelujah! So that's one crappy Nick show down, seven more to go. Now we just need to get rid of: The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, Sanjay and Cat, Every Which Way, and AwesomenessTV.
  • The Best Disney Movie ever made! It is made Perfectly with Suspense, Happiness and even Horror!

    When i was a kid my all time favorite Disney film would have to be "The Lion King" but now that I am an Adult, I can view everything on Story, Suspense and Freshness. Pinocchio is the Strongest with all these Features and was released in theaters on February 23, 1940. As far as Animation goes This is definitely the best one with Hand Drawn effects, The Movements from the Characters are Amazing, The Coloring is just about Spot on and the Atmosphere of the Movie is Surprisingly Well-Done from Bright and Happy moments to Dark and Sadistic moments. What can I say about this Movie it is just perfect. All the Characters are unique and likeable, even Freaking Cleo the Goldfish. Even some of the Light Effects do look Computerized believe it or not, even though they were all Drawn. OMG... and the Pacing of the Movie is just Perfect and done right. This is one Movie you do not want to miss out on, Trust Me, It is Literally the Perfect Disney Movie, only one slight Flaw though, Pinocchio sure looks ugly as a real boy, all well at least it is only shown at the real last minute of the Movie. In fact I have read the Book "The Adventures of Pinocchio" and I really do think that the Movie gave off a better Performance! It is just the right way to tell a Fairy Tail. I still like the Book though, even if it is Darker and more Sadistic.

    Plot: 10 / 10 (Incredibly Interesting Plot with a Huge Variety for the Length of this Movie)

    Animation: 10 / 10 (The Best Hand Drawn Animation I have ever seen, Looks almost

    Characters: 10 / 10 (A Huge Variety of Unique and Likeable

    Fresh and New: 10 / 10 (Growing Noses when you lie, Boys Turning into Donkeys when misbehaving, Greedy Puppet Master, Psychotic Sadistic Devilish Coachman and a huge Killing Whale, This is Fresh at it's

    Overall: 10 / 10 (Perfect)

    Don't miss out on this Extraordinary Disney Classic!! :)moreless

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