Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Walt Disney Pictures Released 2007


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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is a Disney action/adventure fantasy film made in 2007 by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Gore Verbinski. It is the third film of the "Pirates" series and reunites the same cast lead by Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Bill Nighy and Johnny Depp. Last time we left these swashbucklers Jack Sparrow (Depp) was swallowed by the monster kraken and sent to Davy Jones locker. Will (Bloom) and Elizabeth (Knightley) just met Barbossa (Rush) who turns out to be alive after their first adventure together and promises to lead them and a crew to the Locker to get Jack back. Meanwhile naval forces are strengthening udner the evil Lord Beckett as he clamps down on piracy with hangings and using his newest servant, Davy Jones to do it. If the different pirate lords of the world are going to face this threat, they'll need Jack Sparrow. If the British Navy is going to destroy the pirates, they'll need Jack Sparrow. And if Will and Elizabeth are to escape their standing executions, they'll need Jack Sparrow. Let's just say he's on the top of everyone's list. That's why it's every wily mate for himself, savvy?moreless
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