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Pitch Black

Polygram Filmed Entertainment Released 2000



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David Twohy

Criminal, Richard Riddick is being transported to prison in a cargo spaceship when a freak meteor shower damages their ship. Forced into an emergency crash landing on a deserted planet with three suns and no night, the survivors are bewildered by their surroundings. They have crashed landed on Hades, otherwise known as M6-117 and the dead desert planet is harboring a secret. Co-pilot Carolyn Fry and police officer William Johns set out with other survivors to find shelter or water on the scorched planet but what they learn scares them to their core. Hades is home to savage mutant creatures, Bioraptors, who live deep within the surface of the planet. These bloodthirsty beasts have killed all previous residents of the scorched planet. When members of their group are killed by the mutant Bioraptors, they are forced to turn to the criminal Riddick for help. Staying in the light can protect them for now, but with a total eclipse of the sun due any day, can they find the strength to survive once again?


Metacritic Score

    Vin Diesel

    Vin Diesel

    Richard B. Riddick

    Radha Mitchell

    Radha Mitchell

    Carolyn Fry

    Cole Hauser

    Cole Hauser

    William J. Johns

    Claudia Black

    Claudia Black

    Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery

    Keith David

    Keith David

    Abu 'Imam' al-Walid

    Lewis Fitz-gerald

    Lewis Fitz-gerald

    Paris P. Ogilvie

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      • Production Budget - $23,000,000
        Domestic Gross - $39,240,659 (63rd)
        Worldwide Gross - $53,187,659 (75th)

        Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $59,407,009
        Worldwide Adjusted for 2013 - $80,521,577

      • Other production companies:
        Interscope Communications
        USA Films (distributor)
        Gramercy Pictures (distributor)
        UIP (UK distributor)

      • An 'unrated' version runs 3 minutes longer.

      • Taglines:
        1. Fight Evil With Evil.
        2. There's A New Reason To Be Afraid Of The Dark.
        3. Don't be afraid of the dark. Be afraid of what's in the dark.
        4. Are you afraid of the dark? You will be...
        5. It's getting Dark.
        6. There's only one rule: Stay in the light.
        7. A new species of terror.

      • Filming locations include:
        Queensland, Australia
        Breakaways Reserve, South Australia, Australia
        Coober Pedy, South Austalia, Australia
        Moon Plain, South Australia, Australia
        New Deal Studios, Los Angeles, California
        Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Austrtalia
        Warner Bros. Movieworld, Queensland, Australia

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