Polar Express

Released 2004


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  • On Christmas Eve night, a young boy who is beginning to doubt that Santa Claus exists, takes an unforgettable train ride.

    When "The Polar Express" was first released back in 2004 it was considered a landmark achievement mainly because it is the first movie to use the new technique known as performance capture animation. One consenus made by critics is that unrealistic (even scary) appearance of the human characters in the film. I agree that the human characters do look a bit strange, but despite that, "The Polar Express" has in my opinion stood the test of time. It does have a unique story that's for sure. As much of a stretch as it is, it manages to just work. I do have some problems in that the number of cars on the train changes numerous time during its run to the North Pole and the fact that the train can run on a tight spiral track without derailing. But being that it could be in the contents of a dream helps it get by. The sequence at the North Pole is quite entertaining and leads the movie to a satisfying conclusion. "The Polar Express" is a flawed movie for sure, but it still delivers some good Christmas entertainment.

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