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Wolfgang Petersen
Poseidon is a disaster film directed by Wolfgang Petersen based on the Paul Gallico novel, The Poseidon Adventure, which focuses on the MS Poseidon, a luxury cruise ship in its final transatlantic crossing of the year. When a rogue 150 foot wave smashes into the ship during the New Year Eve celebration, the surviving guests and crew find themselves trapped in the belly of a capsized ship. Despite the captain’s (Andre Braugher) pleas to remain there, a small group, including the cynical gambler Dylan (Josh Lucas), the former New York City mayor Robert Ramsey (Kurt Russell), Ramsey’s daughter Jen (Emmy Rossum), her fiancé Christian (Mike Vogel), and single mother Maggie (Jacinda Barrett) with her son Connor (Jimmy Bennett), take the journey to the engine room with the help of architect Richard (Richard Dreyfuss) and stowaway Elena (Mia Maestro). The journey isn’t an easy one with different areas blocked off with fires, flooding, and disastrous aftereffects of the capsizing, but the group fight to survive before the ship sinks for good.moreless


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Metacritic Score

  • 70

    Variety Brian Lowry

    Thanks to its simple construction, Wolfgang Petersen's large-scale liner moves reasonably well, though anyone with the faintest memory of its 1972 predecessor will wonder where mos...

  • 50

    The New York Times Dana Stevens

    Pretty much pure boilerplate: a reasonably well-executed throwaway that, when you finally get around to seeing it in its proper setting, will make you glad you decided to travel by...

  • 50

    Los Angeles Times Carina Chocano

    More than characters, dialogue and lighting, here Petersen is interested exclusively in suspense of the will-he-or-won't-he-be-crushed-by-that-falling-flaming-elevator variety.

  • Up is down

    I don't usually like to watch films like this, as I don't like the nervous, uneasy feeling I experience while watching them. However, I wanted to give this a chance.

    A New Year's celebration on a luxury cruiser Poseidon is underway, leading us through brief introductions of our future cast (some of the most delightful being an aging gay-man Richard Nelson and an ex-navy Dylan Johns), when a rogue wave appears quite suddenly (no time wasted there) and makes the cruiser do half an Eskimo Roll.

    Up is down, and the remaining survivors hope that their ship stays afloat until rescuers arrives. Not everyone is that optimistic, however, and the previously introduced characters start an uncertain climb for possible survival.

    Through cramped spaces and crystal clear waters - with some fiery inferno to boot - the group thins and obstacle after another arises to dampen their spirits. I think the cast's performances were good, and none of the issues they had to deal with were too unbelievable. That, of course, makes the situations only worse to watch.

    In the spirit of all similar movies before this, and probably after as well, some of the characters make it while others don't. You could make some guesses as to who might not make it, which is part of the "entertaining" factor of the story. Also, I have no idea what drowning really looks like, but we had at least one very good version of it in here.

    All in all, a good disaster story, I guess. It didn't seem too impossible or too long, and this will probably make you eye to horizon for a bit longer the next time you dare to put your foot in a boat of any size.moreless

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