Pretty Persuasion

Released 2005


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Pretty Pesruasion is a 2005 black comedy starring Evan Rachel Wood, James Woods, and Ron Livingston in a bitingly satirical story about a high school student at a wealthy private school who begins a campaign of vicious revenge against a teacher who publicly embarrassed her. Evan Rachel Wood plays Kimberly Joyce, a pretty fifteen-year-old at Roxbury High School, an upper-class institution in Beverly Hills, California. Kimberly has always lived a privileged life. Her sense of entitlement gets the best of her when she takes unreasonable offense when her teacher Percy Anderson (Livingston) humiliates her. Kimberly, with the help of a couple friends, accuse Percy of sexual harassment, leading to a high-profile media frenzy that no one can walk away clean from. Pretty Persuasion is a dark and funny story from director Marcos Siega that highlights some of the less-celebrated aspects of the American upper-class and a culture obsessed with entertainment.moreless
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Comedy, Drama


Dark Comedy