Princess Protection Program

Released 2009


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Disney's sweethearts Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato star in this adventure comedy about two girls from very different backgrounds who are brought together to help a queen-to-be go undercover as a regular teen.
  • The plot is pretty good but the movie can be boring and uninteresting at most times

    Exactly what the title says. Allow me to elaborate.

    The plot- Basically Princess Rosaline's country is being taken over by these bad guys or whatever (that part kinda confuses me) and she moves in with this small town tomboy girl Carter (I think that's her name) and her dad for the time being. She is disguised as a normal teen so no one would ever expect her to be the princess. So Carter helps her be a normal teen unwillingly.

    The music- Eh. Wasn't impressed by it.

    Characters: Pretty cliched. You have the tomboy girl, the girl who doesn't fit in, the mean girls, and the cute guys.

    Acting- Also wasn't impressed by it.

    Comedy- Not much in there. Although I did enjoy Carter and Rosaline's annoying each other

    I enjoy watching Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato together I think they make a great pair. And the roles seem to suit them well. Selena as the tomboy girl and Demi as the princess.

    Those are the pros I found in the movie. The cons are the cliched characters, and some incredibly boring moments in the movie. Not even the interesting plot or Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato (two of my favorite Disney actresses/singers) could save this movie. There are some parts I definitely smiled at though like the relationship with Carter and Ed. Although I don't like how Carter seems to not be understanding. Rosaline has been a princess all her life so she really doesn't know how to "blend in" and be "normal". Carter just kind of doesn't understand Rosaline she keeps pressuring her to be normal. I mean the poor girl's country is already in jeopardy, and her mother's life is at stake and now she has to deal with this bitch I mean really "must be nice to be a peasant for a day"?

    And the one thing I hate the most about this movie is that it's centered around homecoming and popularity. Ugh. I swear one more stupid teen movie about trying to be popular and I am going to shoot myself. BEING POPULAR IS NOT EVERYTHING DISNEY!!!! NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT BEING POPULAR!!! I'll admit we care a little about homecoming and being queen/king but other than that it's really nothing to us. \ And when Rosaline gets a job there's like no interview or manager or anything. Let alone any other co workers for that matter it's just her and the customers. That part really seems unrealistic to me.

    The part that is also unrealistic to me is that they think they can hide her identity just by being a normal teen. There's always the internet and newspapers. It's almost as stupid as Hannah Montana and how Miley just hides her identity by throwing on a stupid wig. A wig? Really? If I dyed my hair red or something, it would only take like a few minutes for people to figure out it's still me. Just with a different hair color.

    Overall this movie is boring. So boring to where I almost fell asleep to it. There is little to no action and interesting conflicts in this movie. There are some parts I enjoyed here and there but overall I didn't really like it. I can probably watch it once and then completely forget about it afterwards. It's a good movie for the kids and pre teens though. And anyone who likes Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.moreless
  • Pretty nice.

    This movie, even when I wasn't sure, ended up being very good. It tells an easy story, it is typical and it's not the best, but the acting, the music, and all of that is just good. It has a nice ending, Demi and Selena rocked together and this is a very nice movie. But just a TV movie, if it were released in theaters the things would have been totally different.moreless
  • Three words:WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!

    I know I'm a boy,but this movie is lame and it is worst than High School Musical.I got a lot of problems for this movie.First of all,the title doesn't make any sense.If it's like the title,it should ba about a program for princess protection.Second,this has very awful stars.That stupid Selena Gomez and that horrible Demi Lovato.Third,this movie was so boring.It's bad for that Disney Channel is the worst kids network ever like Cartoon Network.If anyone has watched this film,then is terrible.I don't care about Demi when she is in Sonny With A Chance,but this movie has got to be very terrible and it's one of the worst films of all time.Disney Channel,you stink.moreless

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