Rain Man

MGM Released 1988


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Rain Man is an American dramatic comedy film made in 1988 starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. The film follows Charlie (Cruise) a young, fast talking, slick car dealer, who adheres to a shallow life of fast cars and luxury. But when his father dies and cuts him out of the will he discovers he has a older half brother named Raymond (Hoffman) who lives in a mental institution because of severe autism. Raymond is like no other person Charlie's met, he has extreme quirks, knowledge and a great photographic memory. But all Charlie cares about is that Raymond has been left in the will and he hasn't, thus just inheriting millions of dollars. Charlie takes Raymond on a road trip back to L.A. to meet with his lawyers to fight for his rightful share and send him back to the mental institution relieving him of custody. Soon enough Charlie realizes what's really important here, Raymond may not be the brother Charlie wanted, but soon becomes the brother he needed.moreless
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