Raising Arizona

20th Century Fox Released 1987


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Raising Arizona is the Coen Brothers’ attempt to combine many of their past influences into one film. From Tex Avery cartoons, Sam Raimi horror movies, 1940’s B-movies, to classic screwball comedies, Raising Arizona has a little bit of everything. The film stars Nicholas Cage as H.I. McDonnough, a less than successful criminal that’s been captured and thrown into jail on more than one occasion. It is through his stints in jail that he ends up meeting his future wife Ed, a corrections officer played by Holly Hunter. The two decided to start a life together in Arizona, but all is not well when they discover that Ed can’t bear children. With the two at their bleakest, they watch a news story about another couple that has just given birth to quintuplets. Though H.I. had promised to give up his life of crime, when one family is so rich in children and another so poor, it’s hardly a crime to even the count, right?moreless
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Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama