20th Century Fox Released 1999


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Antonia Bird
Ravenous is the macabre thriller in which a lone band of survivors face a person - or creature - which feasts on human flesh. Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) manages to win a battle during the Mexican-American War through an act of cowardice that works in his favor after he plays dead. A general then promotes him to a position which may give him a higher rank but which penalizes him with a lousy assignment. He's sent to Fort Spencer, stuck in the hills with only seven other residents. One day, Colqhoun (Robert Carlyle) shows up at the front door of the Fort nearly frozen to death. After a warm bath he starts to revive and tells the residents about how he came to be alone in the mountains. Colqhoun had been traveling with a party, but they had run out of food and their leader had turned to cannibalism. The few residents of the Fort decide they should go seek out the cave in which the lost party hid to see if there are any survivors. A Native American tells them the story of a creature that gains its power by eating others but is then cursed with a lust for human meat. Now the small band is trapped in the wilderness with someone, or something, that hunts them.moreless


Metacritic Score

  • 80

    Los Angeles Times Kevin Thomas

    Has all the ingredients for a cult film success but most definitely is not for everyone. It's stylish, sophisticated, venturesome--to say the least.

  • 50

    The New York Times Elvis Mitchell

    A potentially strong cast makes its way in deadly earnest through material that's often better suited to a Monty Python skit.

  • 40

    Variety Todd McCarthy

    Essentially approaches its subject seriously, but does take stabs both at horror and grotesque comedy, neither with much success.

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Historical, Gorefest, Thrillers, Dark Comedy