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This two-hour, live-action/animation Cartoon Network original movie follows the story of seventh-grader Jimmy Roberts who receives a brain transplant after a freak accident at the famous Gollyworld theme park. Jimmy ends up receiving the frozen brain of famous cartoonist Milt Appleday which leads to Jimmy seeing all of Milt's cartoon characters in the real world. This will become a television series in the near future.
  • Why does everybody hate this movie? This is Cartoon Network's coolest movie ever.

    I love this movie. It's really awesome and hilarious. What Adam Pava & Timothy McKeon tried to do was get the Cartoon Network writing style into a live action movie. I think they did a great job. It has a crazy plot that really fits Cartoon Network. Dominic Janes made Jimmy a sympathetic character that kids could relate to. Matt Knudsen made Sonny Appleday a funny villain by making him a pathetic one. Pathetic villains are always funny. Paul Reubens gave Golly Gopher a funny, sarcastic voice. The flash animation had the flat graphic style of the cartoons from the 50s. It looks better than Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi (also produced by Renegade). I love the Re Animated theme song. It's catchy and has awesome guitar. Cartoon Network made a cool movie that will go down in history as my favorite live-action TV movie. But steer clear of the abomination that is Out of Jimmy's Head. That ruined this movie in every way.moreless
  • omg what was CN thinkin?!

    this has to be an all-time low for CN. this movie sucks hard!! makin a series didnt help either. everything in this movie was terrible! it's a major rip-off of disney. re-animated is the worst title for a movie! the humor is corny & i wish that this movie never existed!! woulnt jimmy be dead after bein hit by a train?? his s called friend Craig is really annoying too. thank God cartoon network doesnt show this movie(& the show) anymore. keep your kids away from this! i also hate the fact it's part live-action! movies like this dont belong on CN. the channel's called cartoon network for a reason! it's supposed to be a channel for CARTOONS!!!moreless
  • This movie is so bad, not even Jigsaw could use it as a torture device, because even he found it to be too painful to watch

    Cartoon Network officially dug their own grave with this inexcusable mess of a movie. Re-Animated is about a young man named Jimmy Roberts, a person who is constantly taken advantage of by his friends and others at school, and wants to be cool. Jimmy also has to deal with probably the stupidest and most ridiculous family ever in a movie, a crazy dad who is also the school's counselor and seems to be on drugs, a mom who is an astronaut and can go out to space whenever she wants to without the regulations of NASA, and an adopted sister from (I am not kidding here) outer space, and she can teleport anywhere and she serves no purpose in the movie but make the audience ask what the $#@& CN was thinking. Jimmy also has two friends named Craig, a person who is obsessed with money and abuses Jimmy, and Robin, Jimmy's love interest and is a snobbish person who always serves to be the wet towel to everyone. The acting in this movie is HORRIBLE. I have taken only one class of Drama in high school and I could act better than the rest of these people. Everyone acts so boring or over the top. One day in school, Jimmy and the rest of the school goes to a place called Gollyworld (get it? ha ha ha Disneyworld ha ha ha) and we learn that the founder, Milt Appleday, of the park and the studio he ran, Appleday Studios, had a son named Sonny who wants to be the CEO of the studio, find the brain of his dad that went missing, and take over the world or something. Um, how is he going to take over the world with a cartoon studio? Back at the park, Jimmy is barely having fun, and when he has to go somewhere, he gets run over by a train. OK there are three main problems with this scene. One: why is there a train track in the middle of a busy part of the park? Two: why isn't the train track fenced off for safety reasons? People could get hurt. Three: the train was barely moving fast, it was going at the most 10 miles, so how did it hurt Jimmy at all? I hate this movie. So Jimmy's brain is damaged and a doctor who so conveniently has Milt's brain puts it in Jimmy' head. What kind of hospital just gives the brain of a famous person to complete strangers? So Jimmy sees the cartoons Milt created and hear is where the movie really goes low, and I mean low. the cartoons are not funny at all and if you haven't guessed already, the cartoons are rip offs of Disney characters and are parodies of them. Jimmy is then made the CEO of the studio and he becomes a selfish jerk to his friends and finally becomes popular. Sonny then moves into the Robert's house and attempts to steal the brain back form Jimmy to become the CEO. Eventually, Sonny gets Jimmy, by threatening to cut his head off, to give up being a CEO, but refuses to give his brain up. A chase scene ensures and in the end, Jimmy escapes, goes home, all of the school rejects him (even though Jimmy was threatened to have his head cut off) and Jimmy gets Robin to like him. I fail to see why this movie is called Re-Animated, most of the movie is live action with scenes of Jimmy, his friends, Sonny, and Jimmy's family, AKA Pee Wee's family, except more crazier. There is no joy in Re-Animated at all, the acting is horrible, the characters are one dimensional, the plot is not interesting at all, the humor is non existent, the cartoons are mockeries of better ones, it's just a terrible movie. Never ever ever ever ever watch this movie, it is just painful.moreless
  • Boooooooooo!!!!!

    This movie is horrible!First of all,plot makes no scence whatsover.So,the main kid Jimmy is an average preeteeen boy who wants to be cool yadda yadda yadda.And he and his class go on a fieldtrip to Gollyland,a poor spoof of Disneyland.Its based on Golly,a poor cheap flash animated spoof of Mickey Mouse,his companion Dolly aka Minnie Mouse,Croco aka Goofy and Tux aka probably Donald Duck(this time i took time to learn their names,why,ill never know).Ok so those cartoon characters were made by "the worlds greatest cartoonist"(i almost puked after writing this) Milt Appleday,spoof of Walt Disney .And his brain is frozen somewhere in Gollyland and his crazy son wants to steal it.But Jimmy sees him and gets hit by a train.So they transplated Milts brain in his head(oh god,what idiot wrote this garbage).So Jimmy starts seeing cartoons and the scientiste who apperantly has no life follows him arround trying to steal all the bulls*** that he calls cartoons.Lets mix this up with bad actors,bland and forgetable characters(both live and animated)and cheesy humor we get Re-animated.Yeah.Im still in shock after waching this horrid so called comedy.I hate it with all my guts.This movie needs to be burned and burried deeply in the ground so it never sees the light of the day.Why CN?Why are you doing this to yourself?Are you deaf and blind?Cant you see all the horrible reviews and hear all the video rants?Cant you see that you are destroying yourself with this crap you are selling under "cartoons"?And now you spend hell of a budget for making a half assed part live action part animated movie?!You have reached the bottom.I hope someone sends a bomb in youre company.moreless
  • This isn't fit to be a movie, it's a craptacular extravaganza of nonsense!

    When I saw commercials and promos for this movie, I thought it was going to be pretty good. But I realized I was wrong. Very very wrong. It's just a whole bunch of live-action mixed with some corny cartoon characters. And CN calls this a movie?! It was just a waste of time. If you ask me, Cartoon Network must be taking some bad stuff that makes them do bad shows and movies. Because look at all this mess! I cant even believe that I thought I would actually like this junk. Well, hopefully, CN will never air this, or the upcoming show, again. *Sigh*moreless

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