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Read it and Weep is a Disney Channel Original movie. It tells the story of Jamie Bartlett, a girl whose life just isn't as great as it could be. To get away from it all, she writes in a journal, basing characters from her real life on the characters in her journal. However, she accidentally turns it in as an English assignment one day, and her life is turned upside down. At first for the good, but then for the bad. At first, she's very popular, but then she accidentally reveals something she shouldn't of, and she is hated by everyone, including her friends. However, one of her friends doesn't hate her, but Jamie never realizes it till the end.
  • Watch it and weep,maybe.

    Decent,for a Disney Channel movie,worth watching if your into that sorta thing.

    Read It and Weep,about a teenage girl named Jamie Bartlett and her journal,kinda predictable. She is brillant at writing stuff and creates a diary in which she styles herself as "Is", a popular girl with a personality opposite of her own, and writes about all the kids at school. It gets published,and everybody likes her. She has to make a decison between her friends,or the popular kids. She chooses the popular kids,but still trys to keep in touch with her freinds. Soon her freinds no longer like her,and they unoffically break up. Soon she's having fun with the popular kids,and has a boyfreind who she thinks is 'cute' and is ofc popular,and he's her date at the school dance. Soon she messes up a speech,and the truth leaks out that the diary is based off some people in school,the popular ones,with them being the bad guys. Still,her date thinks she's cool. At the school dance she apologizes,puts a load of seaweed on everybody and everything is back to normal. It wasn't the best ending…moreless
  • It was an ok Disney Channel movie.

    Read It and Weep is with a teenage girl named Jamie Bartlett and her journal. Jamie has three best friends named Connor, Lindsay and Harmony. She is very good at writing and creates a journal in which she styles herself as "Is", a popular girl with a personality opposite of her own, and writes about all the kids at school. Her school is having sort of a contest and everyone has to write something and by mistake she turns in her private journal. The book becomes a best selling and she stops spending time with her friends and everyone around her. She only hangs out with popular kids and is self centered. Everything goes completely wrong when people find out that the characters in the book were based on themselves and most of them were bad things! Everyone seems to hate her and only her boyfriend is her friend. At the school dance she apologizes and everything is back to normal. It wasn't the best ending…

    There were many things that could have been improved but the actors were great and the plot was ok. I liked how the two sisters acted with each other and everything seemed so real. What I didn't like so much was the ending. I thought that it was pretty weird for being a Disney Channel move. None the less I would recommend it to Disney Channel fans because t was an ok movie and it had all the classic Disney Channel actors in it.moreless
  • I really like this movie........

    as a teen, i loved this movie. when i first saw the commercials and previews on Disney channel i thought it's one of those stupid Disney channel movies. after searching the movie in IMDb i read the plot and thought it is a pretty confusing movie, considering the fact that Disney channel left a lot of important facts about the movie, which would help to get more viewers. overall i watched the movie on premiere day and thought it was absolutely amazing, a little predictable, but still amazing. i really thought Kay and Danielle panabaker did an amazing job, and Kay's character was real different than the character she played in 'life is ruff'. i personally thought Danielle should have played Jamie, but either panabakers work. i really liked the plot, the music, and the whole script. just be yourself **moreless
  • It was an decent movie.

    I've seen way better but it wasn't bad enough you had to turn the channel. I liked the song that jordan pruitt sung with is outside looking in. I have that song on my i pod and was the first on this site to notice her. It was another song that the boy sung that was pretty good to but i don't remember the name of it. Kay and her sister danille are both great actors but doing this made themselfs look like beginngers which there aren't. So hopefully they don't run into a another acting job like that again.moreless
  • For all of its unoriginality and predictability (long words there) Read It & Weep isn't actually a bad DCOM with some intersting points.

    Read It & Weep, a girl sums up her school life in fantasy realm in her private journal. The journal becomes public, and a worldwide bestseller, does she embrace the fame and become a snob or stay with her friends and try nto to let the experience change her? When you watch the film you know exactly where the plot is going, it's not exactly original but not really all the bad. The best parts of the film where definatley watching Jamie's transformation and the scenes with her and IS. The camerawork was really good in these scenes with looked really subtle but kind of creepy, which IS is like, in a sense. The rest of it is a the usual DCOM stuff, girls will love it, guys will either hate it or find something positive about it, like me.moreless

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