Red Dawn

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Dan Bradley
When North Korean troops invade U.S. soil and take over the city of Spokane, Wash., a recently returned Iraq War veteran (Chris Hemsworth) and a group of teens (Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson) flee to the woods and form a band of freedom fighters. Dubbing themselves the Wolverines, the youths launch guerrilla attacks against the invaders -- but how long they can sustain the fight in the face of the enemy's superior numbers and firepower remains in question.


Metacritic Score

  • 67

    The Playlist William Goss

    It's easy to take most films' war-torn elsewheres for granted, and taken on its own merits, Red Dawn is a victory of small battles and heavy artillery, sentimental but rarely too h...

  • 50

    The Hollywood Reporter Frank Scheck

    This version is unlikely to strike a similar chord with young audiences while severely disappointing older fans of the original.

  • 12

    Slant Magazine

    It feeds the warrior fantasies of adolescent boys with a testosterone-heavy tale of a war free of moral complications.

  • It gets the red light.

    Okay, first of all, this movie was bland and totally inferior to the original. (I only watched the first half of the original, but it was enough to make a comparison between this) Both have absurdities, like in the first one they suddenly had experience in guerrilla tactics with no training at all. On this one, they trained. But the action and value is lower.

    The difference between the two is very big. The invaders have been changed, from Russians to North Koreans. It doesn't make sense, North Korea isn't even that capable of pulling an assault like that. Their army isn't that large as Russia's. It shows that Russia is there as their allies. But the army's race consists of only Koreans. Plus, it has unexplained things.

    Let's start with the characters? The characters in the remake are turned into a total wuss unlike in the old film. The ones in the old film are kickass, I say. On the new ones? There's one of them who shot a North Korea soldier, then gagging at the near sight of it. Speaking of North Korea soldiers, they're just there as fodders. They're not even menacing! It's better if they had the Kim-Jong Il Puppet from "Team America: World Police" as the main villain! The Russians in the first film are WAY better than them. Each time the protagonists strikes, they execute their prisoners as a retribution. Plus, they really trampled the country that bad.

    All North Korea did was to drop lots of troops, shoot people, and then imprison them all in a cargo. That's it. The acting is somewhat pale and it has no charm (probably it's because of the movie's flow). There's also things that needs explaining. What happened to the guy with the tracking beacon that they left in the middle of the road? And if they used a device to rig USA's defense systems and communications, the USA military can still and SHOULD be fighting back. Instead, no sign of them. And the only ones that are from the army that is present in this hellhole are only three.

    And they had to get a device to re-enable the communications, which they don't even need. And no, the lack of military men isn't an excuse. Even if they all are abroad, there's still something they can do. Not being an active follower of USA, but USA wouldn't send that many troops on abroad. At least they'd keep a right number of personnel just in case something like this would happen. It's just an excuse.

    Unless, they're going to use that device to call a savior from the distant galaxy...

    Also, the ending. It sucked. It only consists of them rushing on a POW base with sedans having a mounted gun on the roof. It doesn't explain what happened and it just sets to a black screen. At least they could provide a message or text of what happened afterwards, but this is just cheap. Did they just ran out of budget? Well, I have heard that this movie was being bashed before it was still in the making, since people are sick of ugly remakes. But then I could be wrong at all.

    It's either they lost their inspiration because of the bashers, lack of budget, or lack of content. Either way, it's just lazy.moreless

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