Red Faction Origins

Released 2011


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In the year 2125, Alec Mason took the Martian Colonies to freedom in the game "Red Faction: Guerrilla." Now, venture to Mars 25 years later where Jake Mason, son of Alec Mason, and a Red Faction ranger fights to keep the freedom. He runs into a new enemy led by Adam Hale and must fight to restore peace and keep his family safe.
  • Jake Mason lives on Mars a few hundred years in the future. He is introduced to us in this opening episode and we see his past life and family in flash backs and meet his lush dad. I'm not sure where this show is going but it sure ain't very far.moreless

    The first thing you notice about this show is the soundtrack - it is awful. At times it sounds like someone hung a microphone out of a roadside window and they dubbed this onto pictures of 'Martians' chatting in a steel works. Why is it always a disused steelworks and a quarry that they use ? Martians are just as likely to work at a desk as on a blast furnace. And why do some of them have a Glaswegian accent ? Oh, and it sounds like his sister was brought up in the English home counties, not Mars. This show was apparently based on a game. Donkey Kong might have been a better choice as Red Faction is just unbelievable in this form.moreless
  • I've played the first red faction game for a couple minutes but did not like it and I neither liked this movie. The plot is very simple and is not enough for a whole movie. So the movie is quite painful to watch, because the whole movie doesnt make sense!moreless

    The whole world also doesnt really put together. The rivaling factions arent really able to fight against each other.The threatening maurauders are fighting with close combat weapons, while the red faction have guns (Until this movie I thought only James Bond could win against 20 armed soldiers). The earth force has weapons that are like 1000 years more advanced.

    The whole marsian population seems like a bunch of homeless people living on the street. The colony would not be able to survive more than 1 day. But as it seems it fought for years against earth and each other.

    This fiction has potential, but not like this. There whould have to be mayor changes in the storyline to create a plausible future. You also have to create a story that makes sense. Struggeling from one cell to the next sucks and winning accidentially in the end does not make fun to watch!moreless

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