Red Sonja

Released 1985


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Richard Fleischer

Red Sonja is an action-adventure film that brings to life a comic book hero seeking revenge from an immoral rival. An evil Queen Gedren (Sandahl Bergman), kills Sonja's (Brigitte Nielsen) brother and parents for disobeying her commands. Gedren sends her army to attack Sonja, who manages to escape. She scares the queen in the face just before entering the forest. Later that night, an ancient spirit grants Sonja some special powers that give her the strength of fifty men. The only catch is that she cannot be with any man or her new super powers would disappear. Meanwhile, Gedren obtains the talisman, a green sphere that helped create all things, by killing a bunch of priests, who were just about to destroy it. Varna (Janet Agren), Sonja's cousin, escapes Gedren's attack but falls victim to an arrow. She meets Kalidor (Arnold Schwarzenegger) just before she dies, and asks him to find and help Sonja, who is training in the forest. Both warriors set off to look for the evil queen, and many battles take place along the way. Kalidor takes an interest in Sonja but her sacred oath prevents them from getting together. Sonja meets Gedren in a showdown finale, and viewers find out if her new-found powers are any match against Gedren and the talisman.



Metacritic Score

  • 50


    Red Sonja [based on stories by Robert E. Howard] returns to those olden days when women were women and the menfolk stood around with funny hats on until called forth to be whacked at.

  • 30

    Time Out

    Worst of all, there's a charmless brat prince for Sonja to take under her wing. Pap, and Fleischer - who at least brought a touch of humour to Conan the Destroyer - should know bet...

  • 25

    Chicago Tribune Gene Siskel

    This is going to be more of a consumer warning than a traditional film review, because Red Sonja is like a can of dog food covered by a label featuring a picture of a sirloin steak.

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