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Religulous is a documentary film written and hosted by Bill Maher and directed by Larry Charles. For the documentary, Bill Maher traveled across the globe to interview people about the many different religions of the world. He visited holy places and religious centers such as The Vatican, Jerusalem, and Salt Lake City. The documentary attempts to delve into all kinds of religions, and Bill Maher interviewed Muslims, Mormons, Christians, Hasidic Jews, and even a former member of Jews for Jesus. Religulous looks into other religions, such as Scientology, as well. Although informative at times, Religulous mostly mocks the various religious beliefs, their wacky quirks, such as speaking in tongues, and organized religion as a whole. In order to gain access to the people Bill Maher talked to and the places he visited, the production traveled under a fake name, A Spiritual Journey. Although the lie worked in most cases, Bill Maher could not gain much access to film in Salt Lake City. Religulous was produced by Thousand Words and Lions Gate Entertainment distributed the movie. It was released in October of 2008.moreless
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