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Rent is a 2005 American musical romantic drama movie based on the successful Broadway musical piece of the same name, featuring the cult hit song 'Seasons of Love.' Directed by Chris Columbus, the movie tells the now famous story from Jonathan Larson's book about a group of Bohemians living and loving in New York City's East Village. The characters are very real and deal with very real, very serious issues, albeit to a catchy music background with nicely choreographed sing-and-dance numbers. Although the movie tells the story of a group of eight friends, it focuses on Mark Cohen (Anthony Rapp) and Roger Davis (Adam Pascal), a pair of roommates who are struggling to get by and pay the rent. Mark is a love sick filmmaker with big dreams and even bigger problems, especially that his former girlfriend, Maureen Johnson (Idina Menzel), is both a lesbian and in a happy relationship with someone other than him. Roger is a struggling musician with a somber past as a former junkie and a haunted future as an AIDS victim. The two deal with a lot of trying issues in the year of their life that Rent covers, including Roger's struggles with his also HIV-positive girlfriend, Mimi Marquez (Rosario Dawson), an S&M dancer with a serious drug addiction. Rent is a powerful film and won a 2005 Satellite Award, in addition to receiving nominations for many more awards.moreless
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