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A hardboiled noir/action Reroute is a story of betrayal and revenge in the tradition of Dashiell Hammet and Jim Thompson. Awakening under a bridge, bloody and armed to the teeth, Teague has little memory of what occurred before or why there is a bullet wound in his side. Disorientated he begins to follow his blood trail back to an apartment building where he discovers the bodies of men scattered everywhere. Memories begin to flood his brain as he pushes himself up the stairs following the carnage into the hallway where he is confronted with the body of his best friend Kerwin. Suddenly Teague remembers everything, what had brought him to commit the violence all around him and why and how his friend lay dead at his feet. Before he can have time to grieve, men sent to make sure he is dead arrive. In a flurry of violence what little of his memory that remains fogged comes clear. In the aftermath he recalls Minette, the woman he loves, being pushed into a car by Miguel. It had been the fact of him chasing the car that had brought him under the bridge when his strength gave out. Miguel is the son of an Irish crime boss Burke. Teague had called Burke friend until that same night; Teague had killed him in a blind rage for his rape of Minette. It had been upon the return back to his apartment where he and Kerwin had been ambushed; it was also where Kerwin was killed in an attempt to protect Teague. Charged by a rage for answers and absolution, Teague sets out on a dark journey of revenge. He tracks Miguel like a hound, moving from place to place always one step behind or a moment too late. Yet each time Teague draws closer, even though Miguel has left killers in his wake, all with the single purpose of killing Teague. Unstoppable, Teague persists until there is no place left for Miguel to run and in the final confrontation, all truths are revealed, no matter how dark. Reroute (c) Copyright 2003 by IDIOM Inc. & Kenneth Barr. All Rights Reserved.moreless

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