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Return to Halloweentown

Released 2006


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Marnie Piper and her brother Dylan enter college as freshmen at Witch University just as the school implements a "no magic" rule. Dark forces inevitably threaten Halloweentown, can Marnie save the day?
  • Marnie returns to halloween town to attend collge. But little did she know, that a secret government is attempting to use her to take over halloween own. Marnie must go back in time to save all of halloween town, and by herself more time. Wicked!!!!!!!!!!moreless

    Where is the orignal marnie? Was she too small to look like someone from collage? I did like the new marnie though. Lucas gets a bigger role now. But I didn't like the fact that he lost his magic. The sinister sisters are wickedadn mean(sinister). The evil government is cool. I wish w would have seen more from the leader of the group(the big asian guy). I felt that it captured halloween town and collage, but many characters were missing. It focused a lot around marnie. Mrs. Perywincle was wierd looking. It was cool to see Aggy back in the past. The jewel was not very origanal. In every magicly movie/tv show, there is always a jewel that has very strong powers. Overall, I think people dislike it too much due to the marnie change.

  • Marnie returns to Halloweentown with her brother.

    What a real good movie, as good as Twitches. This movie is great for Halloween, and times around October. I think they should do more than just one and two and three and five, I think they should lots and lots of these movies. I love them, and there really good. Why don't we see Sara and Marney (sorry for the misspelling of the actor) in Disney Channel expect in Halloweentown. I hope they get their own series on Disney Channel, because that would be awesome. This is Halo (You can call me TGH3) and this my review for the Halloweentown series! Peace out - Halo (TGH3)moreless
  • Scarlett Sinister is a ... *drool* ... guy magnet...

    At first, I didn't get this movie, but that was because I didn't get to see it all. But once I finally saw the whole movie, after watching Kristy Wu go to work, I was sitting on a big puddle of drool. Well not really, of course, but thats my way of saying; "She is hot!!"

    The plot was awesome and now the movie is really close to being my favorite Halloweentown movie. It used to be Halloweentown 2, but after seeing this, I think I have a new favorite!!

    Sara Paxton did well also as a dumb upcoming college student at Witch University in Halloweentown. She was kinda hot too, but it would of been better if she was still a blonde like she is in Darcy's Wild Life.

    Everybody else did great. I didn't know Dylan actually had good taste in women. :P But seriously, those Sinister Sisters were HOT!moreless
  • Pathetic and disappointing. Barney the dinosaur is even better than this.

    Oh my god, where do I begin? This movie was absolutely HORRIBLE. It ruined the whole halloweentown saga. The first and second Halloweentowns were the best, the third, eh it was ok, at least it had the original Marnie. The last was the worst. It took place in halloweentown, but where was the original marnie? And the grandma, Agatha, where was she? The 2 main people that are suppose to be in the Halloweentown movies are Marnie and Aggy, Sophie wasn't even in the fourth one. Suddenly Lucas Grabeel had a big part in the fourth movie? In Halloweentown High, he was just only one of the backup characters. To me it seems when the creators of the Halloweentown were creating the fourth one, they honored Lucas' wishes of having a bigger part and a younger Marnie because he was in "High School Musical". Also, what is up with his hair and lip? He looks like he's becoming a cross-dresser. I mean does he even own a mirror He's not even suppose to end up with Marnie, Luke from Halloween, is. He and Sara Paxton completely ruined the series. Furthermore, I have heard that there might be a Halloweentown 5. Hopefully it will be better than this one.

    P.S The only reason why I'm giving this movie a "1" rating is because I love the Halloweentown saga. If the fifth one once again has a replacement 4 the "real" Marnie, and I see that Lucas Grabeel there ending up with "replacement" Marnie, the whole movie's just gonna deserve a "0". I'm just not even gonna waste my time watching it.moreless
Summer Bishil

Summer Bishil

Aneesa the Genie

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds

Splendora Agatha Cromwell

Judith Hoag

Judith Hoag

Gwen Piper

Keone Young

Keone Young

Silas Sinister

Kristy Wu

Kristy Wu

Scarlett Sinister

Lucas Grabeel

Lucas Grabeel

Ethan Dalloway

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